Esteban Ríos wins CALS Award

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Esteban F. Rios is recognized by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) as the 2016 recipient of The Jimmy G. Cheek Graduate Student Medal of Excellence.  He will be recognized at the annual CALS Scholarship and leadership Awards Banquet on April 14, 2016.

This annual award is presented to one outstanding graduate student currently enrolled in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Selection is made by the CALS Graduate Student Awards, Scholarships, and Fellowships Committee. The awardee receives the medal and a monetary award.

Esteban was selected for his demonstration of high academic potential and achievement, leadership and community involvement, commitment and passion about his chosen field of study, personal sacrifice for his education and effort above and beyond the call of duty.

Esteban earned his BS degree in Agronomy Engineering from Universidad Nacional del Nordeste, Argentina, and his MS degree from UF IFAS Agronomy in December 2013 with a thesis entitled: “Seed Production and Apomictic Stability in Tetraploid Bahiagrass.”  Dr. Ann Blount and Dr. Kenvin Kenworthy served as chair and cochair, respectively.

His doctoral program at UF IFAS Agronomy is in process and the dissertation topic is: “Classical, Analytical and Molecular Breeding Methodologies Applied in Annual Ryegrass.” Dr. Patricio Munoz and Dr. Kevin Kenworthy are chair and cochair, respectively.

This is not Mr. Rios’ first award recognition in CALS or the Agronomy Department.  Rios, Dr. Munoz and Dr. Kenworthy are also the recipients of the 2016 UF/IFAS High Impact Research Publication for their paper entitled “Association of Phenotypic Traits with Ploidy and Genome Size in Annual Ryegrass”, published in Crop Science last year. Rios also has a graduate assistantship from which half of his tuition and stipend are supported by college funds provided to Agronomy to award to deserving students.

Join UF/IFAS Agronomy in congratulating Esteban Rios as a recipient of the Jimmy G. Cheek Medal of Excellence and the 2016 UF/IFAS High Impact Research Publication.


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