Crop Ecology & Physiology Lab

Research Interests

Our lab studies plant ecophysiological processes related to nutrient, water, and carbon cycling of crops and cropping systems as affected by environmental conditions, management practices, diseases and crop traits. Understanding how crop characteristics (genetic traits) interact with environmental conditions to affect physiological processes such as photosynthesis and nutrient uptake has the potential to lead to plant improvements that optimize plant productivity and enhance managed ecosystem services. Our research attempts to integrate information over various levels of organization from the biochemical to the ecosystem level.

Positions Available

I currently have no graduate student positions available. However, I am looking for ops/student help over the summer with possibility of continuation into the fall. The student would be working both outdoors and in the lab on a biofuel project looking at production and water use of bioenergy crops in Florida and on a peanut project looking at the effects of leaf spot on peanut physiology, growth and yield. These positions are temporary and current UF students are preferred. Please contact me (see above) for further information regarding the position.