Lynn E. Sollenberger


“My research is focused on grassland agroecosystems and emphasizes developing new knowledge in the areas of ecosystem services, sustainable production, and interactions of plants, animals, and the environment. I further seek to apply these principles to develop new technology to support statewide and regional livestock industries.”


Lynn E. Sollenberger is Distinguished Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Agronomy at the University of Florida (UF). He received his BA in Biology from Messiah College (Pennsylvania), MS in Agronomy from Pennsylvania State University, and PhD in Agronomy from UF. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in grassland ecology, management, and utilization, and in grassland research techniques. He is very active in mentoring undergraduate and graduate students and visiting scientists. Recent awards include the UF Research Foundation Professorship, UF Doctoral Mentoring Award, and induction into the UF Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars.

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Courses Taught

  • AGR 4231C Forage Science and Range Management;  Spring each year
  • AGR 5230C Florida Grassland Agroecosystems; Spring each year
  • AGR 6233 Tropical Grassland Agroecosystems; Fall of odd-numbered years
  • AGR 6237C Research Techniques in Forage Evaluation; Summer of odd-numbered years
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3111 McCarty B

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Telephone: 352-273-3420

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