Robert Gilbert


Dr.Gilbert has served as Agronomy Department Chair since January, 2014. The Agronomy Department has 29 faculty in Gainesville and at 5 Research and Education Centers in Florida. Our research foci include breeding and genetics, forage management, weed science and invasive plants, and crop physiology and management. Our teaching programs include the undergraduate plant science major and graduate programs in agronomy, including an online specialization in agroecology.

Priot to becoming Agronomy Chair, Dr.Gilbert served as Center Director of the UF_IFAS Everglades Research and Education Center from 2010-2013. He was the sugarcane agronomist at EREC from 2000-2010 and taught for a year at EARTH University in Costa Rica while on sabbatical leave. He has also spent 7 years performing cropping systems research and extension in Africa in Sierra Leone, Mali and Malawi.

Contact Information

Main Office

3105A McCarty Hall B
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Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: (352) 392-1811
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Department Chair - Professor

Sugarcane Agronomy & Biofuels - University of Florida
Agronomy Department

Active Projects

Sugarcane cultivar development. I am responsible for Stage III of the ā€œCPā€ breeding program that produces the Canal Point sugarcane clones. The CP program is a tripartite agreement between USDA-ARS, the Florida Sugar Cane League and the University of Florida. CP clones are grown on > 90% of the Florida sugarcane acreage and are also economically important in many countries including Argentina (25% of total sugarcane acreage), Belize (16%), El Salvador (50%), Guatemala (65%), Honduras (47%), Mexico (15%), Morocco (54%), Nicaragua (75%), Senegal (9%) and Venezuela (9%).

Energy cane cultivar development. A new project in conjunction with USDA-ARS involves selecting and evaluating energy canes germplasm for cellulosic ethanol production or direct combustion. Energy canes differ from sugarcane in that they have a high percentage of Saccharum spontaneum genes, fiber content and high plant population. We are evaluating these clones for biomass production, fiber characteristics and disease resistance at sites in South and Central Florida as well as in Costa Rica (in a collaboration with EARTH University). Our research program also includes agronomic comparisons of energy cane feedstocks to other grass species such as elephantgrass, Miscanthus and Arundo donax.

Green cane harvesting. I am evaluating different harvest methods for sugarcane. Traditionally sugarcane has been burnt prior to harvest to remove the adhering dead leaves (termed cane trash) and increase efficiency of harvest. However there is increasing pressure worldwide to harvest sugarcane without burning (termed green cane harvest). This research project is examining burnt vs. green sugarcane harvest effects on sugarcane growth, yield and microclimate in Florida and Costa Rica.

Transgenic sugarcane. I am evaluating agronomic performance for sugarcane genotypes transformed for resistance to sugarcane mosaic virus and yellow leaf syndrome in collaboration with USDA-ARS. Agronomic evaluation is necessary due to somaclonal variation in the transformed clones.

Selected Publications

Odero, D. C. and R. A. Gilbert. 2012. Dose-response of newly-established elephantgrass (Pennisetum purpureum) to postemergence herbicides. Weed Technology. Under review.

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