S. Luke Flory

Luke Flory

Contact Information

3127A McCarty Hall B
PO Box 110500
Gainesville, FL 32611

(352) 294-1581


Research in the Flory Lab at the University of Florida covers a wide variety of topics in plant and ecosystem ecology with a strong focus on non-native plant invasions and agroecology.

Some of the primary questions we address include: “Which species are likely to become invasive and what habitats are susceptible to invasions?” “How do plant invasions impact communities and ecosystem processes?” and “How will plant invasion dynamics and interactions with native species change over the long-term?” In our current NSF-funded projects we are evaluating how the emergence and accumulation of novel pathogens might suppress an invasive grass and where and how invasions might have the greatest ecosystem impacts. For more information, please go to this site.