Graduate Room Policy and Requests – Room 2103

The graduate student room, located in 2103 McCarty Hall B, is a shared space for Agronomy Graduate Students to use for set periods of time to work on various activities associated with their program.  Due to some recent comments we’ve received, it was determined that we need to formalize the policy on the use of this space.   

Please read through the following list of expectations for use of this space.

  • Only Graduate Students of Agronomy are eligible to use the space. 
  • Access codes will be individually assigned through Cynthia HightThese codes are not to be shared with other users.
  • Access is renewed each semester after confirmation is received that usage will continue.
  • Desks are not reserved, and are available on a first come, first served basis
  • Please be mindful that we have more users than spaces available.  Where possible, please utilize UF provided space resources (libraries, Newell Hall, etc) if you need to spend more than 4 consecutive hours on a particular item(s).
  • No personal items should be left on or in the desks.  Please take any items with you when you leave.
  • Door should remain closed at all times.
  • If you need to take or make a cell phone call, please leave the room.



As of close of business on Thursday, September 6, the existing access code will no longer be active.  Please have all personal belongs removed by this time.

For access beginning Friday, September 7, please see Cynthia in 3105 McCarty Hall B.  Remember, you must be an Agronomy Graduate Student in order to be given access to this space.