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"The Foundation for Feeding All Nations."

Agronomy is a department within the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida. We have 23 faculty members, 15 located on the main campus in Gainesville and 8 located at Research and Education Centers throughout the state, as well as 24 administrative and technical support staff.

Our programs focus on Breeding and Biotechnology, Genetics and Genomics, Plant Physiology, Management and Nutrition, Weed Science, and Aquatic and Invasive Plant Management. Recognizing the global dimensions of our discipline, our research and education programs pro-actively address important issues of both domestic and international significance. Our location on the US Gulf Coast provides particular advantages to those interested in the challenges of sustainable food production and natural resource conservation and management in subtropical and tropical regions.

We offer one undergraduate major, Plant Sciences. This is a diverse major offered by the departments of Agronomy, Environmental Horticulture and Plant Pathology. Students may earn either a BS or BA degree depending on their area of specialization. BS specializations include: Plant Genetics, Crop Ecology, Restoration Horticulture, Plant Health, Sustainable Food Production, and Environmental Horticulture. BA specializations include Landscape Design and Management, and Community Food Systems. We coordinate the specializations in Plant Genetics, Crop Ecology, Sustainable Food Production, and Community Food Systems.

We offer graduate programs for both Masters (thesis and non-thesis) and Doctoral degrees in Agronomy. The department also participates in two inter-collegiate and inter-departmental graduate programs, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology and Genetics and Genomics.