Forage Evaluation Support Laboratory

Forage Evaluation Support Laboratory (FESL)


  • to provide forage nutritive value analysis for interdisciplinary IFAS researchers throughout the State of Florida
  • to support IFAS-wide plant breeders and geneticists by helping determine the DNA content of plant samples through the Plant Ploidy Analysis Research Program (PPARP)
  • to provide hands-on training and experience in laboratory procedures to post-doctoral associates and undergraduate and graduate students

Analyses Offered

Sample Submission Checklist

Sample Preparation

All samples should be dried at 60°C and ground through a 1 mm screen. Any material left on the screen should be rerun, not discarded or put into the sample bag, as particle size will greatly affect results (especially IVOMD).

Sample Packaging

Place samples in 6 oz. Whirl-Pak bags only. Fill bag approximately one-half full (between 10 and 25 grams). Bags with either too little or too much sample will make it difficult to obtain a representative sample for analyses.

Sample Labeling

Use a Sharpie, Magic-Marker, or other permanent marker to write the sample number directly on the sample bag. Place numbers on the bottom one-half of the bag.

Sample Numbering

Number all samples in the experiment from 1 to N. For experiments with greater than 400 samples please contact Dr. Lynn E. Sollenberger or Richard P. Fethiere to decide on the ordering of samples by reps or the potential for use of NIR.



Mail or bring samples to:

2088 McCarty Hall
P.O. Box 110300
Gainesville, FL 32611-0300

Phone Number:
(352) 273-3410

Questions for the Lab?


Laboratory Management

  • Lynn E. Sollenberger
    Faculty Supervisor
  • Richard P. Fethiere
    Coordinator of Research Programs and Services