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Dr. Diego Jarquin

Assistant Professor, Integration & Application of AI & Omics in Plant Breeding

One of the biggest challenge of the humanity is to ensure the current and future food supply chain of a growing population in a world that is facing more often and extreme environmental variations The contributions of Dr. Jarquin research program are relevant to the society because these are helping to the development of improved (more productive, resistant to biotic and abiotic stress, etc.) genotypes by the integrating artificial intelligence (AI) methods and multi-omics analyses in plant breeding. Dr. Jarquin's program is focused on the development of interpretable AI methods and related disciplines (biostatistics, quantitative genetics, and modeling) that can be applied to large multi-omics data sets for providing solutions to complex plant breeding and plant systems biology questions. More specifically, these developments are oriented to find new ways of driving genetic improvement and biological insights designing and optimizing methods for plant breeding, leveraging information from multiple facets of plant biology—physiology, agronomy, and biochemistry to quantitative genetics and multi-omics (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and high throughput phenotyping), and provide novel solutions to unravel the biological basis of complex traits for plant breeding programs.

Jarquin - Faculty Photo

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