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Dr. Emma Matcham

Assistant Professor

New patterns in temperature and rainfall both increase crop stress and the risk of fertilizer movement away from fields, which can reduce water quality. The primary goal of my research and Extension program is to improve the resiliency of agronomic crop production systems while reducing environmental risk as the climate changes. Studying nutrient cycling within agroecosystems can improve fertilizer management and protect water quality across both farm- and watershed-scales.

I am also Certified Crop Advisor, which is reflected by my systems approach to nutrient management research. This approach accounts for the series of interacting management decisions farmers make within a growing season, instead of simply measuring the effect of each individual management decision on its own. My research and Extension programs also emphasize the importance of participatory on-farm trials, which in my experience can both accelerate the rate of agronomic research and improve stakeholder confidence in new management recommendations.

During my first two growing season at the University of Florida, I am prioritizing research on fertilizer, irrigation, and cover cropping practices for cotton, peanut, and corn production. Over time, I look forward to broadening my research program to include more crops and additional management practices. As an Extension specialist and researcher at a public university, my program is built to meet the diverse needs of Floridians. I invite you to reach out and share your concerns, questions, or goals around nutrient management, land use, and water conservation so that we can find solutions together.


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2083 McCarty Hall B

Gainesville, FL 32611

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3105 McCarty Hall B

P.O. Box 110500

Gainesville, FL 32611-0180  

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