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Dr. Fredy Altpeter

Professor, Molecular Genetics, Plant Breeding & Biotechnology

Dr. Altpeter's research program integrates translational genomics, molecular physiology and metabolic engineering for crop improvement and sustainable production of value added products. The approaches include precision genome editing, synthetic biology, and molecular dissection of regulatory networks. Re-designing photosynthesis, plant architecture and stress response pathways will enhance the productivity and persistence of commercially important grasses and will result in a more sustainable use of natural resources. Alternatively, quality improvement in biofuel feedstocks that are well adapted to stress can significantly increase their value. Metabolic engineering of high biomass crops like sugarcane or energycane will drive the emerging bioeconomy by generating next generation biofuels and chemicals. Risk assessment and development of risk management strategies are essential components of this molecular breeding program for grass improvement.

Fredy Altpeter in a lab coat, working on plants

Contact Information


3085 McCarty Hall B
Gainesville, FL 32611

Mailing Address:
Main Campus
PO Box 110500
3085 McCarty Hall B
Gainesville, FL 32611

  • Teaching

    AGR 5307 Molecular Genetics for Crop Improvement

    This graduate level course offers a comprehensive introduction into concepts and applied aspects of plant molecular and cellular biology. The overall objective of this course is to prepare students to evaluate and discuss strategies for crop improvement through biotechnology including genome editing and transgenic approaches.

    AGR 4320/5321 Plant Breeding/Genetic Improvement of Plants

    This dual listed course offers a comprehensive introduction into the genetic basis, science and technology for crop improvement.

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