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Dr. Mabry McCray

Scientist, Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Dr. McCray specializes in soil fertility and plant nutrition of sugarcane and rice. He has authored or co-authored over 50 refereed journal articles. The target audiences of Mabry’s research and extension program are sugarcane and rice growers and farm managers in south Florida. He is also the director of the Everglades Soil Testing Laboratory at EREC which analyzes 8,000 to 10,000 soil samples annually. The EREC Soils Lab has the objective of providing access to reliable soil analytical services and promoting best management practices that will enable growers to achieve optimum economic yields while protecting water quality.  

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Contact Information


3200 E Palm Beach Rd.
Belle Glade, FL 33430

  • Publications and CV
    • Dr. McCray CV
    • McCray, J. M., and G. Powell. 2016. Sugarcane yield response to potassium on a Florida Histosol. J. Am. Soc. Sugarcane Technologists 36:9-18.

    • McCray, J. M., S. Ji, and L. E. Baucum. 2015. Sugarcane yield response to furrow-applied organic amendments on sand soils. Int. J. Agron. Vol. 2015, Article ID 426387, 9 pages. doi: 10.1155/20150426387.

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    • Gilbert, R. A., C. R. Rainbolt, D. R. Morris, and J. M. McCray. 2008. Sugarcane nutrient content, growth and yield responses to a three-month summer flood. Agric. Water Management 95:283-291.

  • Everglades Soil Testing Laboratory

    Visit the Soil Testing Laboratory's website

    The EREC Everglades Soil Testing Laboratory was established in 1938 and has the mission of conducting soil testing to provide growers with fertilizer recommendations primarily for crops grown on organic soils. These soils are much different than mineral soils and so require analytical methods developed specifically for the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA). Some of the specific analyses offered by the laboratory were developed at the EREC and are not routinely available at other laboratories. These methods are based on field and laboratory research with crops grown on organic soils to develop nutrient calibrations that provide growers with fertilizer recommendations that are economically and environmentally sound.

    The objectives of the Everglades Soil Testing Laboratory are to:

    (1) Provide soil analytical services for growers and the general public in and adjacent to the EAA with soil analysis calibrated for local crops and soils and that are competitive in cost with private laboratories.

    (2) Continually improve and update the methods, calibrations, and efficiency of the laboratory.

    (3) Provide growers, individuals, and regulatory agencies with effective nutrient management information including best management practices.

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